Tub Time Doggie Salon, LLC

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Hi, I’m Darcy. Welcome to Tub Time Doggie Salon!

         I have been in the grooming business for over 30 years. My husband and I with our four teenagers moved here 11 years ago from San Diego where I was born and raised. We also owned a grooming shop in San Diego for several years before we merged with a vet. I groomed within that Doctor's office for 5 years learning many things about dog and cat skin, their coats and health.

        After we moved here in 2002, I groomed at a vet hospital for about 3 more years. I have been very fortunate to have had the chance to work with doctors and learn so much about the pets I groom. We bought Tub Time Doggie Salon 6 years ago after working there for about 1 year. We take pride in being a small family owned business that takes care of each customer like they were our only customer.

       My sister Robin (a wonderful groomer),  our Nephew Austin , Niece Amanda and  Nephew Eric all work here. We truly love what we do and are so lucky to be able to work together. You may even meet Clayton, our 8 year old grandson. . He loves to come in and talk to all the pets and greet you at the door. We welcome our 2nd grandchild  Olivia born May 9, 2012.

       We believe that your pet is part of your family and that they should be taken care of as you would like to be taken care of. We look forward to meeting you soon. May you and your family have a blessed day.


With each bath your pet will recieve the following...

  • Wash your pet 3 times
  • Apply remoisturizer
  • Clean the ears
  • Clip the nails
  • Trim feet, face, feathers and sanitary clip
  • Hugs and Kisses
  • FooFoo (cologne) and bow or bandana

(We bathe all pets with the Prima Bathing System which helps to remove dead skin and dirt while giving your pet a nice warm massage.)

And with haircut (full body trim)...

  • All of the above
  • Plus a specialty haircut of your choice


Mention our website and get $5.00 off your first grooming



Special services we offer...

  • Skunk odor removal
  • Teeth brushing
  • De Shed